We make our wine as we live our lives: striving always for balance.

As a family, we have worked hard to develop our vineyard, and grew up alongside it. We understand its temperament and personality, and what it takes as far as vineyard practices to highlight its best qualities in the fruit. And with our love of cooking and eating, it’s only natural that we would want the wines we put on our table to play nicely with food. So when it comes to the winemaking, we prefer to take a decidedly lighter hand so that our wines are balanced and approachable, and allow that beautiful fruit shine through.

Winemaker, Gustavo Brambila

Gustavo coaxes, rather than manipulates the wine, because “When you taste the wine, I want you to be able to envision the vineyard,” he explains. Gustavo has made our estate Cabernet Sauvignons since the inaugural vintage in 2002 and now also makes our Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc Finale Doux and Chardonnay.

Gustavo was born in Jalisco, Mexico, and emigrated to California in 1955 with his father, who worked the vineyards in Oakville. As a youngster, Gustavo encountered wine luminaries such as André Tchelistcheff and Tom Selfridge, and experimented with making wine. He graduated from UC Davis with a degree in fermentation science and began working with Mike Grgich at Chateau Montelena in 1976. Gus then joined Mike when he launched Grgich Hills. He spent 22 years there, leaving to become general manager and winemaker at Peju Province. He then founded his own label, Gustavo Thrace, in 1996.

We had known Gus for years prior to starting the winery. He and Phil had coached together when our sons played Little League, and Sandy knew his sisters from school. After tasting his wines, we knew he was a perfect match for what we wanted our wines to be. And he has been making Taylor Family Vineyards wines a true reflection of our family ever since.